Information on a Healthy Holistic Child Care Centre

childcare centre spring farm

Spring Farm in Leicestershire is a unique centre that offers a wide range of services for those looking to either relocate into this area or buy new properties. The farm is a fully-stocked centre that would be suitable for families with small children who would like to come and stay with their own families. As it is a not for profit centre, the centre would cater for the most vulnerable in society including single parents, elderly carers, people with disabilities, babies and toddlers. It is also a place where families can get away from the strains of city life and have a chance to relax and unwind.

This farm has over 30 different types of attractions including a miniature golf course, a bowling alley, a water park, a cycle path and a vegetable and fruit garden. These attractions would ensure that your children would always want to go there and spend time there regardless of what time of the day or night you might be there. In order to fully experience all of the attractions the centre would require regular visiting. There are also special events throughout the year including a Santa’s Grotto and Farmers Market, which allow you to get closer to nature. However, the farm is not just about fun and games; it also aims to give youngsters a chance to learn about food and nutrition.

With the help of a recruitment consultant working with the centre, you can find a position in a childcare centre in Leicestershire that suits you perfectly. You would be able to apply for positions that match your qualifications, work experience and desires. For more information visit the centre online or visit the local recruitment office in Prestwick. You can even fill in an application form right now.