New Zealand’s 1000 Megabits Per Month Fibre Network (Mibbit)

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New Zealand’s 1000 Megabits Per Month Fibre Network (Mibbit)

NZB 1000 is a new 1000 nbn internet initiative that aims to connect rural communities with high-speed broadband services. The company is also the country’s largest broadband provider and has been working on its high-speed fibre optic network for quite some time. Unlike other similar initiatives, this plan offers unlimited national broadband service – one of the best in the industry. For those who are still stuck on dial up connections, or are waiting for their providers to upgrade to more modern technology, there is hope. It’s a win-win situation as NZB 1000 aims to help people in rural areas with better access to high-speed internet and other modern services such as digital television.

The company is offering three different plans, which cover both downloads and uploads by the same company. With their ultrafast broadband plans, users are able to choose a download limit that they are comfortable with, while at the same time, getting incredible upload speeds. While these are only available in select parts of New Zealand, many users are already enjoying the benefits. The company also offers two ultrafast internet access options – standard and premium quality. Premium quality is the fastest speed tier available in NZ and is highly recommended for those who regularly use the internet and would like to download large files and watch videos.

The great news for anyone living in New Zealand is that there is no blackout in selecting either of these plans. Both are available across all the regions of New Zealand, and even in the Capital Region, allowing for true telecommunications integration for residents of New Zealand. As already stated, both available plans offer unlimited national broadband service, along with downloading speeds of up to 10MBps and upload speeds of up to 5MBps.

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